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Reading competition for 7th graders in English 2023/24

This year's reading competition for 7th graders in English took place on January 12th, 2024 at the Reichsstadt-Gymnasium Rothenburg. This competition has been kindly supported by the German-American Society of West Central Franconia for years.
Their Director of youth work in the DAG-WMF Mr. Frank Schamann, did not miss the opportunity to support the three English teachers of the seventh grade and Ms. Schmidt from the parents' council as a jury member.
One student from each of the three seventh grade classes at the Reichsstadt-Gymnasium competed.
Karina Ehnes (7a), Daiana Luminosu (7b) and Yeva Kyselova (7c) performed a prepared text they had selected in the first round. The jury paid attention, among other things, to the delivery style, pronunciation, intonation, volume and correctness of the English text read out. After the first and second rounds, a neck-and-neck race emerged between two candidates, which didn't make it easy for the judges to decide the winner.
Karina Ehnes from class 7a confidently introduced herself and her selected text in English and was also able to read the unknown text very convincingly and engaging the reader. She impressed above all with her very lively presentation, but the jury agreed that Daiana and Yeva also showed strong reading and presentation performance and showed a great deal of courage to read out loud to the entire 7th grade.
In order to ensure that the jury's deliberation time for the students was also in a foreign language, English short films were shown.
Finally, Mr. Schamann praised all three participants for their excellent English and, on behalf of the German-American Society of West Central Franconia, presented certificates to all class winners. On top of that, all readers were able to choose book prizes in order to 'feed' their enthusiasm for reading with new material can.
“Keep up your motivation for the English language,” Mr. Schamann encouraged the students at the end of the event and said he was looking forward to stopping by the RSG again.

In memory of John F. Kennedy on the 60th anniversary of his death

What if...????
The most popular president of that time...what would the world look like today if he had been able to continue his policies back then?

USAG Ansbach Community

23. Oktober um 11:00 

👣 On October 21, USAG Ansbach leadership and unit leadership from 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, 1-3rd Attack Battalion, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, 7th Engineer Brigade, 1st Battalion, 57th Air Defense Artillery enjoyed a field trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Middle Franconia,
On this trip, the group had the opportunity to get an exclusive sightseeing tour of many historical monuments, insider places and listen to historical know-how, which was shown and conducted by Lord Mayor of Rothenburg, Dr. Markus Naser and the President of the G/A Association Middle Franconia, Mr. Guenther Schuster. 👣
Thanks to the Rothenburg community for having us and showing us the many sides of Rothenburg! 👣
If you'd like to check out one of the last remaining German walled-cities Rothenburg is only a short drive from Ansbach.🚗
#besthometownineurope #StrongerTogether #sightseeing


in the “ROTES ROSS” Country Inn
Our invitation to the suckling pig dinner in the “Red Ross” on Saturday, September 23rd. in Ohrenbach, was very well received by our American and German members. Everyone contributed to making it a wonderful evening with good food and equally good conversations!
We would like to thank you very much for this and look forward to welcoming you all again at our next invitation!

"Labor Day"

From bloody strikes to the May Day holiday
Status: 05/01/2023 05:00 a.m
For decades it was the strike day of the working class, and in 1919 May Day became a public holiday in Germany for the first time.

The origins of today's "Labor Day" lie in the USA.,tagderarbeit134.html

English Reading Competition (7th grade) at the Reichsstadt-Gymnasium Rothenburg


On November 29th, 2022, finally another reading competition could take place, an activity which has been supported by the German-English Society WMF for many years.As an additional jury member, Maria Zylka-Eistert, the representative of the society in Rothenburg, supported the three English teachers of the 7th grades together with the representative oft he parents, Konrad Engel.


Each oft he three classes could send one competitor ( Dayna Prais 7a, Victoria Stark 7b, Adrian Neutzler 7c) who had to present their chosen text in the first round, which was critically evaluated by the jury. In a tight race, in the second round, where the students had to read an unknown text, finally Adrian Neutzler turned out to be the best. Viktoria Stark and Dayna Prais were also extremely good.
Maria Zylka-Eistert congratulated the competitors on their excellent English and awarded them with books .


 Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

After a two-year break due to Covid, the DAG could finally celebrate
their traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.
This year mayor Patrick Ruh had suggested Landgasthof AM FORST in
Feuchtwangen, Wehlmäusel.
The guests were welcomed with a glass of mulled wine and president
Günther Schuster was glad to welcome Captain Fleming as the official
representative of the Ansbach Garrison.
Everybody enjoyed the delicious meal and had a very entertaining evening.

 Many thanks to the outstanding restaurant kitchen and the very friendly servers.

German-American Society visits Katterbach Army Airfield on October 21, 2022

Many thanks to Gerlinde Hoyle, spokesperson oft he US Garrison Ansbach and assistant to Garrison Commander Aaron B. Dixon, who organised the visit for ten of our members. Col Dixon welcomed us at the hangar in front of the helicopters and gave us some information.


He pointed out that the soldiers loved Ansbach Garrison and their service in Germany and that the Americans wanted to be good neighbours to the surrounding villages and the city of Ansbach.
The pilots of  the Apache und Chinook helicopters  showed their machines to  the German guests who were very much impressed and could even sit in the pilot’s seat.

The German group then went to the  Shipton/Urlas area where they saw the American shopping mall and the housing area. There they had the feeling of experiencing „Little America in Middle Franconia“.
Summing up, our group had a great experience in the garrison and got lots of new impressions.

Great thanks to our American friends for this wonderful day and we are looking forward to our next meeting.



US Consul General Timothy Liston visits  Rothenburg ob der Tauber

US Consul General Timothy Liston, who was invited by the German-American Society and the city of Rothenburg, came to visit the old town on September 7, 2022. Maria Zylka-Eistert and Günther Schuster received him on the market place and accompanied him to the Kaisersaaal of the town house, where he was officially welcomed by Lord Mayor Dr. Markus Naser and the mayors Kurt Förster and Dieter Kölle. He signed the Golden Book of the town and was also very pleased when he was informed of the Lord M ayor's intention to establish strong connections to St. Augustine, Florida, a historic little town showing many similarities to Rothenburg. After a short tour around the town and dinner, Timothy Liston also met Harald Wohlfahrt at the Christmas Village.

Here is a nice contribution to the topic "How  enemies became friends"

ROTHENBURG MOVIE PREMIERE: Members of the USAG Ansbach Community assisted in voicing the English version of a documentary created by Rothenburg students. The movie describes how U.S. Americans and Germans worked together in 1945 to save the city of Rothenburg from total destruction.
The first showing in the Wildbad resort near Rothenburg yesterday was attended by Col. Stephen Pierce and Command Sgt. Maj. Eric Bohannon, USAG Ansbach, as well as some of the volunteers who narrated the documentary.
The documentary will be made available to a larger audience later this year.
(Photos by Stefan Horndasch and Brian Sowders)
Ansbach Family & MWR, Terrace Playhouse

Please also use the direct link to the Facebook page of the "USAG Ansbach Community" to browse a little and read other interesting reports. This post is from June 26 with the headline "Rothenburg Movie Premiere" on the FB page of USAG Ansbach Community

High sporting visit

Thanks to football professional Mark Nzeocha and the Franken Knights for the nice appointment today in the town hall of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Mark Nzeocha is a German American football player in the position of linebacker who is active for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League. In 2020 he reached the Super Bowl LIV with the San Francisco 49ers. Nzeocha started his career at the age of 13 with the Franken Knights from Rothenburg ob der Tauber. In 2008 he won the Junior American Football Championship as a safety with the German national team. Because of his accomplishments, he got scholarships from Virginia and Wyoming.             Quellen: / Wikipedia

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Thanksgiving of the US Army in Katterbach 2019

Thanksgiving of the US Army in Katterbach, November 27, 2019.
Thilo Pohle and Günther Schuster represented the DAG and were surprised
that at the opulent buffet the soldiers were served by their officers, including General Norrie.

  • Officers serve turkey
  • mit General Norrie
  • cake
  • turkey 2019

Group picture (from left to right): mayor Kölle (Rothenburg), COL Broam,
mayor Deffner (Ansbach), General Norrie, Günther Schuster, COL Pierce

Thanksgiving Dinner, Dec.07, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner, Dec.07, 2019
The Thanksgiving Dinner of the DAG in the "Alte Vogtei" in Wolframs-Eschenbach was again quite  successful this year. About 30 guests, half of them American friends, enjoyed the classical turkey meal and also had sufficient time for good conversation.

Thanks Giving

Foto (left to right): Mr Schlackl ( Deputy Mayor Wolframs-Eschenbach), COL Steve Pierce , Michael Dörr (Mayor Wolframs-Eschenbach, Vice-President DAG), Günther Schuster (President DAG), CSM Mark Smith, Mr. Santos, COL John Broam ,CSM    Philson Tavernier